Lower Back Pain Treatment Without Surgery (Using PRP)

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems that both men and women complain about. People of any age group may develop lower back pain, but is mostly seen in older people due to degeneration changes in the spine. There can be several reasons for lower back pain and it is mostly caused by cushioned disc problems. In some cases, the lower back pain can be mild and gets relieved easily with conservative treatments at home. But if the pain persists for more than six weeks, it is considered as chronic and it needs treatment.

There are several safe and effective treatments to help you have a pain-free life. Injections that contain steroids and other medications have been used to treat lower back pain that may cause some side effects. But, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a natural way of treating lower back pain that uses the body’s natural healing ability.

How Does PRP Work?

PRP is collected from your own blood and it does not contain any medications. It does not cause any impact on the hormones and the functioning of other organs. Platelets are the building blocks of blood that contain growth factors and proteins. Both proteins and growth factors help in cell regeneration, healing, and growth of new tissues.

Though this process is natural, it may not occur with the required intensity to treat a condition. By injecting PRP at the affected site, both growth factors and proteins get concentrated and start the healing process and repair the damaged or affected area.

Am I Suitable for PRP?

People who are experiencing lower back pain due to degenerative disc disease find effective results with PRP. It is also suitable for patients who do not find relief with other treatments such as physical therapy, medications, etc. The doctor also suggests PRP to avoid or delay surgery to treat the lower back pain.

But to undergo a PRP treatment, you should have good health. The doctor also evaluates your condition to determine the right choice of treatment.

What Happens During PRP Injection for Lower Back Pain?

The entire procedure takes around 30 minutes and you can go home immediately. Before performing a PRP injection, the doctor collects a blood sample from your arm. The collected blood sample is placed in a centrifuge device to separate it from other blood components. Then the platelets are injected into the affected region of the spine. Now, the platelet-rich plasma releases growth factors and proteins to repair and restore the degenerated region of the spine.

PRP is a natural way of treating lower back pain using the body’s healing process and it focuses on treating the root cause of the pain. Whereas using a painkiller just masks the signs but it does not treat the cause.

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Dr Pradyumna Reddy has over 6 years of experience as an interventional radiologist in Hyderabad. He has helped several patients suffering from the lower back with PRP injections. He first performs a thorough evaluation and examination to ensure he recommends the best solution to provide relief. He can treat any underlying cause of your lower back pain using PRP and other treatment methods. To know more about PRP treatment, schedule an appointment with Dr Pradyumna Reddy today.