Prolotherapy for Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is the most commonly used joint in the body for daily activities. However, it is prone to instability, soft tissue impingement, etc. and this can lead to severe pain and discomfort. But many people ignore shoulder pain and leave it undiagnosed. Many people who experience shoulder pain use medications, physical therapy, etc. to get rid of the pain. But if the shoulder pain is caused by some underlying issue such as shoulder instability, those treatments do not help. The underlying cause needs to be treated to get rid of the pain.

Prolotherapy is one of the effective solutions to treat acute and chronic shoulder pain without the need to undergo surgery. Prolotherapy can treat shoulder pain caused by various conditions.

What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is also known as regenerative injection or proliferation therapy. It involves injecting an irritant solution such as dextrose into the sore joint. This will stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities and release immune cells at the injected site. Due to this, the damaged soft tissue in the muscle gets repaired and this relieves the pain.

If you want to have a prolotherapy injection, you should ensure to visit an experienced and reputed doctor.

How Does Prolotherapy Work for Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is mainly caused by the joint stability. To treat this pain, it is essential to strengthen the capsular and ligamentous structures. The glenoid labrum is the capsular structure for shoulder stability. This allows to hold the humerus bone to the scapula’s glenoid cavity.

Prolotherapy can help to treat this shoulder pain by promoting the body’s natural healing process. During prolotherapy, an irritant solution is injected into the shoulder joint around the tendons and ligaments. The doctor may use ultrasound image guidance during the procedure. Once the irritant solution is injected, the body’s healing system gets stimulated and it releases immune cells. This will help reduce inflammation and promote the growth of new tissue. This will further reduce your pain, and improve range of motion. It also helps to restore the normal functioning of the shoulder joint.

Patients who had prolotherapy for shoulder pain have reported a reduction in their pain without undergoing any surgery.

What are the Benefits of Prolotherapy for Shoulder Pain?

Prolotherapy for shoulder pain offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced pain: Patients who are suffering from shoulder pain can find relief from pain by undergoing prolotherapy.
  • No to minimal side effects: Prolotherapy is safe and effective and does not cause any serious side effects.
  • Used with other treatments: Prolotherapy can be used along with other treatments. However, it is important to check with your doctor before making a decision.
  • Non-surgical: Prolotherapy does not need to make any surgical incisions. This means there is no down time and the results are also faster.
  • Promotes natural healing process: Once the irritant solution is injected, it promotes the body’s healing process and regenerative abilities. As it uses the body’s natural healing process, it is safe and effective.
  • Strengthens tendons and ligaments: After a prolotherapy injection, the tendons and ligaments that support the shoulder joint become strong and thick. This will relieve pressure on the shoulder joint and improve the range of shoulder movements.
  • Huge success rates: Prolotherapy is effective at treating shoulder pain with a huge success rate. You need to undergo several prolotherapy injections to fully treat the cause of your pain.

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