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Dr Pradyumna Reddy is one the Best Varicocele Specialist in Hyderabad with over 7 years of experience. Get the Best Varicocele Treatment in Hyderabad by Dr Pradyumna Reddy if you or your loved ones suffering with Varicocele.

The scrotum is a sac covered with soft skin which holds your testicles. It contains the arteries and veins which supply blood to the reproductive glands—the abnormal swelling of a vein in the scrotum results in varicocele. A varicocele condition looks similar to the varicose vein that is commonly observed in the leg.

Usually, this condition is found in 15% of the male population, and it is commonly seen in men of age between 15 to 25 years. Varicoceles are generally developed during puberty, and mostly they are diagnosed in the left side scrotum. They may exist on both sides in rare cases.

Usually, varicocele condition is harmless, but in some cases, it is associated with infertility problems such as low sperm production and decrease in the quality of sperm. Varicoceles can affect the growth of testicles or can even shrink.

Symptoms Of Varicocele

A varicocele often goes symptomless. It rarely shows signs and symptoms. Sometimes you may not even know that you have varicocele until it is diagnosed in your general checkup.

  • You may experience a dull to sharp pain
  • Pain may be worse when you stand or after physical exertion.
  • Heavy feeling in the testicle, particularly day time and after physical
  • exertion
  • A lump of veins in your testicles
  • Swelling of your scrotum
  • Enlarged or twisted veins that are visible in your scrotum,
  • Swelling relieved when you lie back
  • Impaired fertility

Varicoceles enlarge and become more visible with time. It said that it looks like a “bag of worms.”

Causes Of Varicocele

There is no specific cause for varicocele. Some experts believe that the condition is caused by the defective valves in the veins located within your scrotum, just over the testicles.

Usually, these valves regulate to and fro blood flow from the heart to the testicles. Your spermatic cord is responsible for carrying blood, and if the valves inside the cord prevent the regular flow, the blood backs up, as a result, your veins dilate (enlarge).

The condition is mostly diagnosed during puberty, the period where your testicles experience rapid growth and require more blood. Nearly 85% of people with this condition experience the defect in the left testicle area.

The poor blood circulation also results in a high blood temperature, a rise in the temperature of your testes, which may prevent sperm production and destroy produced sperm.

Treatment For Varicocele

Varicocele Embolization: An experienced interventional radiologist performs the procedure, and it has a high success rate and minimal radiation. The procedure involves a small injection to a vein in your groin and inserts a tube through which catheter can be passed.

Then coils and sclerosant drugs are used in the vein through the tube to create a blockage. The coils and drug prevent the blood flow to the damaged vein and shrink it.

Embolization can be offered as a primary treatment option for varicocele treatment because the procedure gives maximum benefits if a skilled and experienced interventional radiologist performs it.

The majority of Indian men undergo surgical treatment for varicocele. This is because many do not know about varicocele embolization.

It is an innovative procedure with utmost benefits such as no surgical incision in your scrotal area, if you have varicoceles on both sides, it can be fixed with one vein puncture at the site.

Dr. Pradyumna Reddy, a renowned interventional radiologist in Hyderabad, says that it is a minimally invasive surgery and the cost is also very less. The recovery time and post-operative complications are very less compared to other surgeries. If you are in search of treatment or to know more information about treatment, book a consultation.

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